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Hi Marvin,

I must say I was pleasantly surprised with your latest ebook "7-Proven Insider Secrets"...

Being an experienced marketer, I found it to be truthful and revealing...in fact just the first secret alone drove the point home for me.

Great work here, keep it up!

Best success,
Ewen Chia
"Resale Rights Secrets"

Yes, THIS is the BREAKTHROUGH ebook that you've been hearing about that has been keeping people out of WORK & SLEEP!"

I downloaded the book. I have to get to work and my intention was to skim it and read it when I got home. I couldn't just skim it. One sentence pulled me to the next. One paragraph pulled me to the next and one chapter... you get the point. Now that I've read it I will certainly have to go back and "study" it. By the way this not the testimonial just my first reaction to your book. (however you can use it if you want.)

Now for the testimonial...

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for your great ebook. After reading it I have completely changed my mind on something. I own the URL IfAtFirstYouDontSucceedTryTryAgain.com I was planning on selling this URL. Because of 7-PROVEN Insider Secrets I am going to start a Motivational Site to help people Succeed on the Internet or in whatever else they are endeavoring to do. Up till now I have not felt qualified to "teach" the subject of motivation however you have given me some great ideas. One, JV with people who are qualified and ask them to contribute ideas. Of course your book will be one of the first things I offer on my new site.

Best Wishes,
George Wright




I downloaded your ebook with the intention of having a quick look, going to bed and reading it properly in the morning.  You have lost me at least an hour's sleep!  I just couldn't stop reading it

I am in the process of creating my first website at the moment and your 20-point website check is invaluable.  At last, an easy to understand and easy to implement strategy on creating my website, thank you.   

A lot of good advice in your ebook, once again thank you. 

Kind regards,

Kathy Richards



When i first got the "7 secrets" I opened the pdf file like I always do, but after a few pages I found I had to download it to my "PALM" and go sit in my favourite reading chair...

After reading this book, I decided to use it in one of the "e-marketing classes" I will hold soon.

Thanks for the chance of reading this book

Gunnar Berglund

Brought to you by:  Doug Nelson

Written by  Marvin Haycock

Dear Friend,

Re: 7 Proven Insider Secrets

Have you ever wondered what makes a few online individuals hit a “home-run” with almost every new venture while others have to remain satisfied with a hit-and-miss policy and others still with a slew of dismal failures? 

Well, it boils down to this: in life, business and on the Internet, there are really only 2 ways to get started.  One way is trial and error, and the other is the subject of this letter, which is… 

Discovering 7-PROVEN & EFFORTLESS Insider SECRETS That I Have Learned and USED From over 4,904 Savvy Marketers From Around The World To Ensure Maximum Returns on ALL of My Online Ventures AND Generate A GREAT Full Time Income Online!"

"7-PROVEN Insider Secrets To Internet PROFITS IS A Great Resource"

"Gathering information and researching your products is the foundation of any good business whether offline or online. Once the decision is made the next step is crucial to success and part of the formula is networking and continually upgrading your skills and abilities. 7-PROVEN Insider Secrets is a good foundation to achieving these initial steps. "

Quentin Brown, Managing Director
Streaming Audio Made Easy

But even more than just having personal input, you’ll also have to contend with website design, market research, product/service creation, merchant accounts and a horde of other practical mechanisms and systems if you ever hope to run a successful internet business, and that means… 

You guessed it! Even more money! 

So what does all of this add up to?  Well, it basically means that there is no one that can start an online business without investing a lot of time and quite a bit of cash.   

It also means that if you are serious about trying your hand at selling or promoting anything on the Internet, you’ll do best if you can SAVE MONEY AT EVERY TURN! 

With that in mind, I'm EXPOSING the INSIDER SECRETS that they use everyday to make MONEY every time they put up a website!  So how would you like to have instant access to information like:

  • How you can locate people in your own industry from dentistry to jewelry that are already successful online and have them unselfishly share personal experiences and advice that will revolutionize YOUR business 

  • EXACTLY how insiders build and live off 100% FREE traffic to their websites and how YOU can easily do the same.

  • How you can test your sales material, advertisements and website BEFORE you get started so that when you ‘go live’ it’s already been honed into a finely tuned profit machine. 

  • The fastest way to ‘weed out’ scams and useless resources on the internet and make the right decisions on your purchases every time. 

  • The secret resource that has enabled - literally - hundreds of individuals to quit their day jobs and make a sound living off the Internet (I am one of them :-). 

  • The simple, proven strategy that over 4,904 Internet marketers employ to test their headlines, advertisements, products, websites and sales letters absolutely FREE! 

  • Where to find a goldmine of top-quality, tried, tested and proven ebooks, scripts, and resources that retail for hundreds of dollars for just dimes to the dollar   

  • The best no-cost way to keep your newsletter to your customers packed with polished, professional and exciting content that will keep them loyal to your newsletter for a lifetime. 

  • Where you can find the same quality information on marketing, advertising and traffic generation that the professionals use for discounted prices  

  • Which tracking software can deliver the stats you need to ensure that your website is converting at its best possible rate and leave you with total peace-of-mind that you are converting at the best possible rate 

  • The undisclosed secret of successfully getting your joint-venture in front of the eyes of hundreds of marketers from all walks of life including some of the biggest names on the Internet with tens of thousands of subscribers just waiting to do business with YOU

  • Where you can find and beta-test hot new products and services days or even months before they ever explode onto the scene so that you can profit from dozens of ground-floor opportunities. 

  • The fastest and affordable way to interact with businesses and individuals, some of which are literally earning in excess of $150,000 a year and routinely charge hundreds of dollars for personal consultations (They know how the internet works and will slash your online learning curve by months or even years!) 

  • Which payment processor you can/should use and trust to process your orders or which autoresponder delivers the most features for the least monetary investment... 

  • ...or any one of a thousand different questions you may have – you’ll find the simplest, fastest and most trustworthy answers that you’re looking for - GUARANTEED!

Look, it doesn’t matter which business you are in, you CAN benefit from the online revolution, but you can also save yourself many hours of frustration and wasted finances by following the straightforward concepts inside the “7-PROVEN Insider Secrets” 


Whether you are a lawyer, dentist, teacher, college student, musician, artist or mechanic - this ebook WILL help you get started on making money on the Internet.

Hi Marvin.

I've just finished reading your 7-Proven Insider Secrets.
I have never been as impressed with a marketing "How To" book as I am with your feature packed expose.

I have been generating an income on the net for a number of years and can only wish that I'd had a book like this when I started out.

It would have saved me a fortune in time and money. Even experienced marketers will gain by applying the information disclosed in your book.

You have provided a step by step recipe for achieving internet marketing
  The only ingredient that needs to be added to your recipe is that the
reader needs to follow and apply the advice you have given. This is a very valuable read and a tremendous opportunity.

Thank You.

Michael Tracey



Without doubt you have revealed the 7 KEY AREAS for Internet Marketers
to focus on to create rapid success.  And you have done so in such an easy
and quick
to reference way too!

This concise jam-packed guide will put anybody on track to making serious money.

I have printed this out so I can refer to it regularly.


Clifford Mee


I just finished reading 7 Proven Secrets... 

Powerful stuff! 

You have captured the essence of what it takes to succeed online.  Every step is there, and clearly laid out in understandable step by step instructions. 

I highly recommend 7 Proven Secrets for anyone starting a new online venture... some of those 'old pros' might learn a thing or two themselves! 


Marketing Excellence Spoken Here


Why not take a sneak-peek at the exclusive information I'm going to provide you with by looking at the titles of the chapters it contains:















This ebook contains 7 of the LEAST talked about secret strategies of this industry!

By itself it could sell for $29,95 or more!  But it’s not my purpose to deceive you into thinking that after you order this product today that you will never have to spend another penny on marketing your business on the Internet. 

We both know that you'll probably still have to pay for your web-hosting, some advertising...etc, and I don't want to put you out-of-pocket....

That’s why I going to give you a honey of a deal! 

I am simply positioning the price of this report at the “everybody-and-their-12-year-old-son-can-afford-it” price of just $17. 

As you can tell, I don’t really stand to gain anything from such a low cover-price (in fact, after the merchant account fees and advertising – I’ll probably only be making pennies.)   


So why am I doing this? 

Well, I have 2 reasons; Firstly inside this resource I will be making mention of a few of the standard online services you will need (e.g. a merchant accounts, web hosting options...etc) to run a successful internet business.

Some of these services offer my affiliate links which means that if you purchase them I will receive a small commission on each. 

There is no obligation or need to purchase one or any of these services if you already own them unless you want/need them, but it does allow me to keep the cost on this ebook low.

Secondly, by pricing this product at such a ridiculously low price, I am hoping that even if you've never invested in another product like this in the past, you'll have no reason to pass this offer by. 

Not only do I offer a full money back guarantee, but it's also so affordable that you really have no excuse not to PROVE these claims for yourself and pocket the profit!

The bottom line is: I DON'T WANT YOU TO SPEND A DIME MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO JUST TO MAKE YOUR FIRST DOLLAR ONLINE! And this ebook makes it all happen.

All of my other online ventures have been, and will continue to be highly profitable but this is my gift to you because online success is NOT just for a select few.  YOU can earn a good full-time living online with a bit of effort and a lot of help and I show you exactly how you can get it right your first-time out on the global playing field.

Ignore this gift and you'll make so many time-consuming and COSTLY mistakes.  I'm speaking from first hand experience here. 

Now if you are thinking... 

“How can I be sure that these '7-Proven Insider Secrets' are REALLY going to help me BOOST MY BUSINESS and actually MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET?” 

Then listen up, because I received the following testimonials LESS than TWO DAYS after I released this ebook...




How Dare You! You are revealing the exact proven methods I have used to make money on the Internet. Stop doing this immediately as I don't want anyone and everyone to have a successful money making career on the Internet as I have.


Come on now, It's taken me 5 years of hard work to get where I am today and yet readers of your 7 Proven Insider Secrets Ebook can expect almost certainly guaranteed success in next to no time at all.


Seriously Marvin, congratulations on a great ebook. Folks if you only buy one ebook this year then you simply must make this the one. For anyone wanting to learn exactly how to succeed on the Internet this is a must have!


Ricky Allen


    Do You Want MORE Undeniable proof?

    If you're STILL not 100% convinced...

    Take a look at what Todd, Richard, John & Dennis have EXPERIENCED.



I read your new ebook last night and wow! What a great book! I applied a few of the strategies this morning, and have already seen results.

So far today I have doubled my daily sales average and it is only 12:30!  This is definitely a must read for everyone!

To your success,

Todd Quinn


How did you do it?  This is a whole lot of useful information packed into a 40 page book. 
I have seen ebooks with less useful information being sold for 3 times and even 4 times $17.00 and you must be nuts to include Master Resale Rights to this ebook.  I have already seen "secrets" that are going to boost my business revenue by at least 43%.
Great Work!
Richard HAN


Hi Marvin, 

A couple of days ago I finished reading your great little eBook “7 Proven Insider Secrets” and I just had to write to you to tell you that I used the information in chapter six and I am already seeing a significant increase in people signing up for my Testing and Tracking ezine…

More subscribers will certainly mean more sales. Great job! 


John Taylor


Hi Marvin,
Thanks for the opportunity to read you new ebook...It was a great read, you packed a lot of punch in that 40 page ebook but not one page was wasted with useless information.

I can honestly say without a doubt anyone wanting to learn  the secrets it takes to make it online should definitely get this ebook now and put the secrets to use, all it takes is the drive you give them the knowledge now it's up to them to make it work, I learned a couple of great tips that should boost my sales by at least 30% this year ;)

Any way I won't waste anymore of your time just thought I'd write and let you know great job and keep it up!
Best regards,
Dennis Cheesman

I challenge you to contact any of the testimonial providers found on this web-page.  Visit their websites and ASK them about this product - It's light years ahead of anything else out there.  

Add to this, the fact that you will also have my...

Risk Free, 90 day Money-Back Guarantee:

Try the "7-PROVEN Insider Secrets" for the next 90 days.

If, after you put my 7-Proven Insider Secrets to the test, you don’t wholeheartedly feel that you have made a sound investment for your future  then I will refund ALL of your money – no questions asked!

Plus, you may also keep the special bonus (worth another $17.00) even if you do request your money back!

And as if that wasn't enough, to set your mind at ease, your value for money is guaranteed by an exclusive interview with the million dollar marketing LEGEND Alex Mandossian

***FREE BONUS #1*** 

Alex Mandossian's hot-selling ebook ‘10-Steps to Killer Ad Copy’ valued at $17! 

Here's a short list of a few things you'll learn inside this BONUS EBOOK:

  • How to easily start an online business for less than $200, and most importantly -- how to do it the RIGHT way.

  • How you can use the "Isolation Factor" to make a pile of money.

  • Why "Clicks & Bricks" marketing is the easy path to huge profits.

  • Discover how Alex instantly stands out from all his competition ... and how you can too.

  • Discover how Alex made $30,000 in one month from a simple two page web site, with only around 125 visitors a day! Perhaps that sounds impossible ... but Alex reveals exactly how he did it.

  • How to turn 50 ebooks you're having trouble selling, into an irresistible offer.

  • Confuse the reader and you might as well flush your money down the toilet. Discover how to easily avoid this.

  • How to easily make more money from 40% of all your visitors with only a few minutes work.

  • Why competing with yourself may be one of the most lucrative things you ever do online. Sound silly? Well read this interview to discover how big name online marketers are doing it, and making serious money in the process. This really is one of those hidden secrets people don't talk about.

  • How to make your web page a 'greased chute' that slides your visitor right down to the order page.

  • Discover the "P.R.S. Formula" to make a ton more sales.

  • Why the best copywriting examples in the world come to you every day in your local paper (this will really surprise you).

  • How to quickly and easily write 80% of your copy.

  • How to write an FAQ (and why it's so, so important)

  • Discover how to write a "Consumption Matrix" to boost your profits. Hardly anyone is doing this at the moment ...

  • Discover the two types of benefit bullets you must know how to write.

  • Do you know the four "power words" to use in your product titles?

  • Offer the wrong bonuses, and you'll lose sales. Find out how to avoid this.

  • Why Alex is happy to give away $15 to customers. (It actually makes him $1,800)

  • How to make money from customers that ask for a refund.

  • How to get testimonials from online celebrities (however busy they are).

  • How to get Jay Abraham to write a testimonial for you. (No, this isn't a joke.)

  • Why your order page is the most important page on your web site, and how to write it for maximum impact

And a lot more that's not even mentioned in this short list...

***FREE BONUS #2*** 

ORDER NOW and I will include FREE ***MASTER RESELL and REDISTRIBUTION RIGHTS*** To This ebook! (valued at $197) 

YES! You'll immediately be able to resell and redistribute this ebook (7-PROVEN Insider Secrets) AND the right for your customers to resell this ebook for themselves!

(This includes the use of this powerful sales letter)


I'll point my readers to this ebook whenever I want to make them learn quickly how to start their money-making adventure on the Net. But I am also sure that even experienced sellers will grasp the lessons provided in the ebook by someone that tested in the Internet Marketing arena - what he suggests - in plain English.

John Delavera


A compelling short report, and an easy, short read ... with a powerful
seven-step payoff
.  Great job, Marvin.

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
The Ezine Marketing Center


Hi Marvin,

Just a quick note to say WOW!

Seven is considered a lucky number and anybody would have to consider themselves lucky to get a hold of your '7 Proven Insider Secrets' ebook.

It is a power packed, power house of great tips on building a successful online business from none other than top Internet movers like Willie Crawford and Yanik Silver!

With these 7 Secrets from the 'best of the best' you can't lose. Thanks for a chance to get a hold of a great asset.

Best wishes for your success and the success of others -

Terry Jones
Don't Waste Your Time Here ...
Unless You Are Really Serious ...

Here's everything you're going receive:

  • The e-book "7-PROVEN Insider Secrets"

  • The Insiders' 20-Point Website Flight-Checklist, raw information on how to turn any website you create into a money-machine.
  • MASTER Resale Rights to the "7-PROVEN Insider Secrets" ebook

  • The FREE Bonus: Alex Mandossian's hot-selling ebook ‘10-Steps to Killer Ad Copy’ valued at $17

  • The FULL 90-Day, Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee

Amazed at the value you'll get?


In the end, the cost of your doing business and making money on the Internet is in your hands.  For a tiny investment you can have unlimited access to a wealthy of information that has been unequivocally PROVEN to produce results. 

Think about this; if you make this tiny investment now and it FULLY delivers on what I promise – then you are gaining thousands of dollars worth of EXCLUSIVE resources and contacts that will benefit your ventures in untold ways... 

...and if it didn’t deliver - you’d get a full refund, so you’d be no worse off, plus you can keep the FREE bonuses valued at $214! – all just because you investigated a risk-free resource that has helped thousands of people from around the world make a successful living online. 

So why wait any longer?  This ebook is edge you need to finally take your business and ideas to the online world PROFITABLY!

Hi Marvin,

Thanks you for the tremendous resource that you have put together in 7 Proven Insider Secrets! I have seldom seen such a clear, concise step by step how-to manual designed to put anyone on the "fast-track" to success. By following the steps that you have outlined, virtually anyone can be assured of succeeding in their online efforts!

Ralph Moore - Editor
Eagle Flyer Newsletter


Hi Marvin,

Fantastic eBook Marvin!

Your eBook is purely a "No Non-Sense" recipe for success! I enjoy the way you wrote it in plain simple terms for any one to easily follow. I mean, honestly... the only way some one could NOT profit from your advice would be if they just didn't read it. Congrats on your new book and thanks for showing me some commonly overlooked tips!

All The Best,

James Delcamp


Hi Marvin,

I don't know if this is your first e-book or not.  I do know that after reading it, I was stimulated to tear apart my websites and restructure them.

If you are "Marketing" anything on the internet, please do yourself a favor and read this book.  You will be glad you did. I sure wish I had this book before I developed all my sites.

Great Job Vinnie, I hope you publish many more like it.


All of my orders are processed by PayPal© – a well recognized and respected third party merchant account with a spotless record and they are fully able to refund your simple $17 purchase if you aren’t 100% satisfied – you wouldn’t even need to ask me! But please contact me first!

So in closing, you could mill about in the dark like many of us have when we got started, or you could skip to the head of the class and make use of these 7 powerful secrets that I have personally utilized to enjoy a full-time living on the Internet.

You owe it to yourself to at least try these proven secrets - that's why I've taken away all your risk and made this ebook available at a ridiculously low price...I've placed the offer on the table and I hope you will accept the challenge!  

Here’s to your ever-increasing success... 


Marvin Haycock &

P.S. Remember, if you don’t wholeheartedly feel that you have made a sound investment for your future by purchasing the “7-PROVEN Insider SECRETS” then you'll get a full refund of your money – no questions asked!

Rest assured that the price of this resource will be overshadowed hundreds of times over by the value of its contents and it could literally mean the difference between losing hundreds of dollars on ebooks, advertising and testing making a real profit on the Internet.


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